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I Wasn't Always Creative.


I wasn’t always a creative.


When we were stationed in Hawai’i, I was a Human Resource Manager at a nonprofit geared towards helping local at-risk youth. I loved what I did, but being a military spouse can make keeping a longstanding career quite difficult. Like many others in the military world, I found myself reinventing what I did for a living every time we got stationed somewhere new, & that, to be blunt, sucked!




I’ve always had a passion for documenting the everyday, the nuances, the joy, & the chaos of having children. That passion started to naturally head towards wanting to do this for others. After enrolling in some courses, mentorships, & learning my camera inside & out, I went live with my business as a Documentary & Lifestyle Photographer!




It’s been one amazing ride since. But it hasn’t been easy! Although photography has allowed me to continue to grow a career pretty much anywhere on this planet, moving still has me starting over… starting over with building a local client base.




That’s where I am at today, trying my best to break into my new city. It can be kind of tricky because everywhere I go, every local Facebook group I join, there is a sea of other photographers doing their thing, sharing their work, & offering promotions every “Business Monday”.




It can surely be discouraging, but because I know that not every photographer is the same, I have a chance! As I work hard to gain clientele, I focus creative fulfillment by embarking on personal projects & also by finding community. I have found that Hampton Roads, Virginia, has a wonderful community of fellow artists & that can be especially amazing for the sometimes elusive thing we call, "inspiration".


If you ask any photographer what is the number one way they get business, I am willing to bet that most of them will say, “word of mouth”, “referrals”, & “networking”. It’s why it’s so important to put yourself out there & find community! As long as I keep an open mind, have patience knowing it’ll be a slow climb, then it’s all good in the hood. And that is my suggestion to anyone who finds themselves in my position!



Stay confident & inspired, dive into personal projects to continue to hone your skills & grow as an artist, meet fellow photographers, & continue to play the self promotion game. If it’s a priority, it'll happen


Camille Camacho



Documentary & Lifestyle Photographer out of Virginia who specializes in In-Home Family Sessions, Newborns, & Couples. A mother, a military spouse, an advocate of me-time & all things Netflix, & an artist.






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